LED Philips 5W MR16


Our Commercial LED Lights are mainly used for retail lighting and office lighting. Good LED lighting not only enables people to see, it also affects how people feel; that is why commercial lighting is so important, due to the large amount of people will share the light environment simultaneously.

Good lighting clearly contributes to the way people feel. When people feel better, they work better. Therefore, a pleasing office lighting environment is of vital concern to the company. Comfortable lighting that supports our natural rhythms and is suited to the task at hand increase our overall sense of well-being.
Yigeda LED lighting bring the benefits of natural daylight indoors with both eco-friendly and cost-efficient light that keeps us in tune with the world outside the office.

Lighting doesn’t just illuminate. It can fundamentally change what we see and first impressions count. Lighting can help to define your company’s or retail shop’s image and identity. In additional to the feature that retailers need to brightly illuminate their products under light, our commercial LED lighting gives them the alternative to show their products without any harmful UV or potential heat damage.

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