Residential and Interior


LED 7W A19

In residential and interior design, artificial lighting is a very important design factor.

With adequate light we can complete a variety of daily activities, furthermore, a light environment also affects our emotions. So whether in your entire home, or only your kitchen or yard, Yigeda helps you to create a comfortable, a safe and a cost-efficient lifestyle in your home.

Lighting used in residential and interior requires higher safety level than other use area, so we help you to enhance the appearance of your home, kitchen or yard by providing our non-toxic, cool-to-the-touch and recyclable energy saving LED lighting. Unlike traditional incandescent lighting, Yigeda’s products contain no mercury; do not emit harmful UV or IR, and consume low power with long-lasting.

Invest our LED lighting products today to get this optimal way to light your space safely, eco-friendly and cost-efficiently instead of expending your money on traditional incandescent lighting.

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