Landscape and Exterior

460W CREE High Bay

LED 460W High Bay

Same as the lighting in interior such as home, office, retail shops or factory, landscape and exterior lighting has also become an essential concern that will indicate the initial impression of the place. Lighting can fundamentally change what we see and first impressions count. Bright or soft, sophisticated or playful, always responsible, lighting can help define your building’s image and identity.

A building with a soft and delightful lighting may create a “feel-good” factor for you, which you really would like to walk in. Otherwise, a building with an improper lighting will give you an awful feeling. Therefore, Yigeda provides optimal landscape and exterior LED lighting to illuminate your building as a charming and attractive place that everyone wants to enter.

Expense of using landscape and exterior lighting is always a large part of a company’s utility bill. Halogen or compact fluorescent lighting are using widespread for landscape and exterior lighting nowadays. This results in a very high utility cost for company and environment pollution. Our landscape and exterior LED lighting with the energy efficient and extreme durability features will help your company saving up to 80% in electricity and finally save your money.

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