10W 3ft T8

LED 10W 3ft DLC T8

LED 10W 3ft T8
Yigeda Lighting code:T83F10INS

Our 10W 3ft T8 LED Tube is the perfect replacement for 25W traditional fluorescent tubes typically used for lighting surroundings. This tube with higher lumen per watt of power consumption and give the tube a life time of 30,000 hours, which compared with the traditional Compact Fluorescent lamps. Moreover, the light is compatible with dimmer and does not contain mercury. Different from traditional incandescent lights, there is no ultraviolet (UV) emitted from our 1oW 3ft T8 LED tube and is cool-to-the-touch. Therefore, we can say this light is an eco-friendly and a cost-efficient lighting option for choosing.

The beam angle of 10W 3ft T8 LED tube is 120°, which is perfect to light the surroundings and provides 1130 lumens-light output. Flexible options choose from Internal or External drive with single-end or two-end, which can emit warm white, natural white and cool light. Also we offer a limited 3 years warranty.

Yigeda LED lights recommended for: retail display, homes, offices, schools, commercial buildings, hotels, buses, trains, warehouses, parking lots etc., recommended for interior use only.

10W 3ft T8 Product Specs

  • Yigeda Lighting codeT83F10INS
  • Wattage10W
  • Base TypeG13
  • Beam Angle120°
  • Input VoltageAC100-277V
  • Initial Lumens1080-1130lm
  • Light Colorww:3000k
  • Rated Life (hrs)30,000
  • DimmableNo

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* Limited 3 years warranty, find more details in our warranty page

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